Integrated Marine Services 

 Providing integrated marine solutions for offshore and near shore marine terminals 

Why choose us?

With unparalleled marine operational expertise, VSN’s comprehensive range of services includes the provision of personnel and equipment for, routine daily operations and maintenance, inventory management, breakdown maintenance, interventions and specialist software to manage the whole terminal, offering further operational efficiency, cost reductions and mitigation against supply chain interface risks.

Specialist areas of capability and services include:

ROV, saturation and air diving subsea support 
Installation, hook-up and commissioning of the offshore terminal 
Mooring masters to facilitate safe connection, loading/ offloading and disconnection from the terminal 
CALM buoy and CBM system operations and maintenance 
Floating and submarine hose testing, repair and replacement 
Mooring hawser repair and replacement 
Refurbishment/overhaul of existing terminal mooring systems 
Asset integrity inspection and engineering 
Specialist surveys of catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoys, conventional buoy mooring (CBM) and pipeline end manifolds (PLEM) 

Our Services

Vision Subsea Nigeria provides services that ensure asset reliability and availability as well as end-to-end management of offshore terminals, allowing for safe and efficient operations.

Case Studies

Total – Nigeria 2019

Provision of ROV & Personnel

  • Conductor Cleaning Prior to drilling operations 
  • Dual support for drilling operations 

MODEC/Tullow – Ghana (2016)

Floating hose change-out

  • Emergency reconfiguration of floating hose to install Pusnes QCDC coupling
  • Engineering assessment of additional hose end equipment
  • Return hose string to shore, break down, inspect and test each section
  • Towage to offshore location, remove hose string and hook up 

MOD, Falklands (2012)

SPM refurbishment

  • SPM change-out, including chains and subsea hoses
  • PLEM modifications to fit new hoses
  • Saturation and air diving using Mermaid Siam