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Cyclone- Air Rotation Units

Cyclone – Air Rotation Units

The air rotation are ideal for big storage warehouses for frost protection or low temperature applications, the air rotation units are high air volume systems for low temperature rise.

Air rotation units without heaters installed within can be used as destratification and used in conjunction with other air rotation units with heater sections.

Cyclone is the latest generation of floor standing gas fired air rotation heaters, combining innovative design with proven fully condensing heat exchanger technology (93.5% nett

efficiency on high fire and 109%+ on low fire) to provide an economic and efficient range.

The heaters are CE and UKCA certified to EN17082 for use in non domestic installations.

Various heat exchanger options are available for each size of air rotation heater. The air rotation heaters are suitable for use with natural gas (G20) and 35 sec oil option.

Benefits of the Cyclone

  • Large areas heated by a single unit so that number of units is reduced to a minimum
  • Fewer units, all sited at low level reduces ongoing maintenance costs
  • Simple fast track installation, reduced gas pipe work and electrical wiring: lower installation costs
  • No requirement for high level de-stratification fans
  • No requirement for costly ductwork installation
  • Higher thermal efficiency for reduced running costs
  • Heat outputs up to 600kW from single unit
  • High burner turndown ratio for closer temperature control
  • Some Units may be flued via simple wall outlets
  • Enhanced reliability, and dual heat exchangers and fans
  • The elimination of duct work also eliminates the need for required duct cleanings, especially important for food manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications
  • Reduce installation costs by reducing multiple electrical, natural gas and piping connections
  • Minimize the need and cost for service time by reducing the number of components, overall units needed and the ability to service at ground level
  • Recover and redistribute waste heat produced in the space – saving operational costs
  • Custom-built Air-Rotation Systems are designed to condition the height and space you desire
  • Reduce annual utility consumption by 30% – 70%
  • Condition 14,000 square metres with a single piece of HVAC equipment.

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