Redcar Scaffolding Projects


Some of our past projects

Over the years, Redcar Scaffolding has been a cornerstone of countless successful projects across Teesside. Our commitment to quality, safety, and community has enabled us to build a portfolio of diverse and impactful work. Here are a few highlights of our

most notable completed projects:


Completed Projects

Restoration of Victorian Band Stand
in Saltburn By The Sea

This band stand is a local historic landmark located in the Valley Gardens, Saltburn. This project required extensive restoration work to preserve its structural integrity along with its aesthetic charm. Redcar Scaffolding was entrusted with providing the scaffolding. Our team also designed a bespoke scaffolding solution that allowed restoration experts to access the band stands most intricate parts safely. The project was completed on time, and the band stand now stands as a beautifully restored symbol of our heritage.

Local Housing Developments

These developments in Durham and Tees Valley’s bustling house building programme have been and are all significant undertakings aimed at increasing the local authorities housing shortage, whilst in turn contributing to the economies and enhancing the appeal of in some circumstances derelict land.

Local North East Various Industrial Estates Expansion

As part of a major expansion programme of Several Industrial Estates located in and around the north east of England, we were called upon to provide scaffolding for these large-scale industrial buildings. Our team delivered a robust and secure scaffolding framework that met all safety standards and facilitated the timely completion of construction. The expanded estate now hosts a variety of thriving businesses, contributing to the region's economic growth.

Local Redcar & East Cleveland's Coastal Festivals

The annual Redcar Coastal Festival, a highlight of the town's event calendar, required specialised scaffolding for stages, platforms, and viewing areas. Redcar Scaffolding ensured that all structures were safe, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the festival experience for thousands of attendees. Our involvement in this vibrant community event underscores our commitment to supporting local culture and entertainment.

Green Energy Initiative

As part of a green energy initiative, a local school in Teesside decided to install solar panels on its rooftops. Redcar Scaffolding provided the necessary scaffolding to facilitate the installation. Our team worked efficiently to ensure the project was completed without disrupting school activities. The successful installation of solar panels has helped the school reduce its carbon footprint and educate students on sustainable practices.

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